Studies published by our group in support of the efficacy of Cognitive Evolutionary Therapy for depression
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Cognitive Evolutionary Therapy - Manual

A comprehensive Cognitive Evolutionary Therapy manual, describing the intervention and protocol in detail. Please do not distribute or cite without written permission. Contact us for details.
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Cognitive Evolutionary Therapy Protocol

Giosan, C., Cobeanu, O., Mogoase, C., Muresan, V., Malta, L. S., Wyka, K., & Szentagotai, A. (2014). Evolutionary cognitive therapy versus standard cognitive therapy for depression: a protocol for a blinded, randomized, superiority clinical trial. Trials15(1), 83.

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The Evolutionary Fitness Scale

Giosan, C., Wyka, K., Mogoaşe, C., Cobeanu, O., & Szentagotai, A. (2018). The Evolutionary Fitness scale: A measure of the independent criterion of fitness. EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium8(1), 1-28. See full text.

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CET for Depression - A Case Study

Giosan, C., Muresan, V., & Moldovan, R. (2014). Cognitive evolutionary therapy for depression: a case study. Clinical Case Reports2(5), 228–236.

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High-K and Depression

Giosan, C. (2013). ‘Slow’ reproductive strategy: A negative predictor of depressive symptomatology. Australian Journal of Psychology65(3), 156–162.

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High-K and Psychopathology

Giosan, C., & Wyka, K. (2009). Is a successful High-K fitness strategy associated with better mental health? Evolutionary Psychology7(1), 28–39.