Cezar Giosan, PhD

Dr. Giosan, the Principal Investigator of the Clinical Trial that constituted the basis of this program, has more than 14 years of clinical research experience, out of which 7 years at an Ivy League institution (Cornell University), where he was a faculty member in the US top-ranked Department of Psychiatry. He is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed articles which have been cited over 1000 times in the literature.

Visit Dr. Giosan's website at: www.giosan.com

Vlad Muresan, PhD

Dr. Muresan is a licensed psychologist and skilled therapist, who integrates technology in psychological interventions. Dr. Muresan’s Ph.D. dissertation, titled “E-REBT: An REBT-inspired web-based psychotherapy platform: efficacy, therapeutic relationship and mechanisms of change” (2013) was a Randomized Clinical Trial examining the efficacy of automated online delivery of psychotherapeutic interventions using avatars.


Oana Cobeanu, PhD

Dr. Cobeanu is a clinical psychologist specializing in CBT. Her doctoral dissertation examined the efficacy of computerized cognitive bias modification interventions in relation to the intensity of side effects of chemotherapy and associated distress in breast cancer patients. Dr. Cobeanu is a member of the Romanian Association of CBT, a Graduate Member (MBPsS) of the British Psychological Society and a member of the British Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies.


Aurora Szentagotai, PhD

Dr. Szentagotai is a senior psychologist and supervisor in clinical psychology, cognitive-behavioral counseling and psychotherapy (CBT). She is a CBT supervisor at the Albert Ellis Institute, New York City, and vice-president of the Romanian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies. Dr. Szentagotai has a significant research expertise in the clinical field, most of her research focusing on CBT for mood and anxiety disorders. She has published in highly visible journals in the field, such as Journal of Affective Disorders, Behaviour Research and Therapy, Clinical Psychology Review, Journal of Clinical Psychology, or Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. Dr. Szentagotai has supervised several randomized clinical trials of CBT in mood and anxiety disorders, and has been involved in several research grants on mood disorders (including EC-funded projects).


Cristina Mogoase, PhD

Dr. Mogoase is a researcher in Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Babes-Bolyai University. Her doctoral thesis examined cognitive biases in emotional and psychosomatic disorders, with a special focus on modifying cognitive bias through training.


Consultants in the original Clinical Trial 

David Buss, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Head of the Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology Program, University of Texas at Austin.

Todd Shackelford, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Psychology,  Co-Director, Evolutionary Psychology Lab, Oakland University, Michigan.

Aurelio Jose Figueredo, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Arizona.

Loretta Malta, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Veterans Affairs, Healthcare Upstate New York Samuel S. Stratton VA Medical Center PTSD/Veterans Readjustment Program, Albany, New York.

Katarzyna Wyka, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Statistics, City University of New York.